Southwold Pier

The Bonkers, Weird & Whacky
World of Tim Hunkin’s Machines

Laugh out loud! …Yes you will. Welcome to the world of Tim Hunkin and his unique collection of hand-built, utterly silly, totally potty machinery. ‘Walk the Dog’ and get the mother-in-law frisked. ‘Whack a banker’ - it’s a revenge thing! Lend a hand to grandma on ‘Mobility Masterclass’ and try to get her across the road with a Zimmer frame in one piece! Dare to manhandle the plutonium rods into your own nuclear reactor on ‘My Nuke’! It’s a great day out on it’s own, and the big grins will say everything!
Not for the frail or fainthearted, the laughter might just be too much for you!

Test your skills with the thrills of the… House of Games
Catch some fresh fish & chips… The Beach Café
Hidden treasures & trinkets wait to be discovered… Treasure Chest