Southwold Pier

Gisela Graham’s pretty ‘Kitchen Garden’ range is now on sale in our shops, beautifully designed featuring flowers, fruit and bees. All profits will be donated to the ‘Bee A Hero Campaign’ - a charity set up to help find a cure for the devastating disease that is wiping out bees across Europe.

Why help?

Honey bees are under threat. Many of their natural diverse food sources have declined and colony numbers are in decline. Weaker colonies have become vulnerable to attack by the Varroa mite, making them susceptible to a disease they have no natural defence against. 

How your donation helps

Last year we lost 34% of our honey bee colonies and honey production was down 70%. Your generous donation goes towards vital research, educational resources and raising awareness of the positive steps that can be taken to help preserve the bees and the natural environment.

Did you know?

1 in 3 mouthfuls of food relies on pollination.

Fruit, vegetables and even chocolate would not be available without pollination.