Pier Closure

Due to Storm Eunice and the weather warnings issued for Suffolk, the Pier will be closed on Friday 18th February.  We will be re-opening on Saturday 19th February as normal.

Thank you.

The Gulldian


Sailing in Southwold

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 | 12.00am

Southwold Model Yachts

For over one hundred years model yachts have been sailed in Southwold, most recently at Southwold boating lake which is opposite the entrance to the Pier.

These exquisitely crafted replicas are powered and guided purely by the wind; there are no electrics or radio controls anywhere to be seen. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, and always is!

Every year the lake plays host to Southwold Model Yacht Regattas, starting in May (often seen as a sure sign summer has arrived) and carrying on through to the end of August.

The regattas feature a wide range of boat classes and styles of tournaments and are open to all – even if you don’t have your own boat the club have a number of their own which they are happy to lend to newcomers.

The final race of 2018 takes place on Wednesday 22nd August, an informal pick-up regatta to round off the season. For more information you can visit their website, or pop across after a visit to the Pier and enjoy the sight of white sails shuttling back and forward across the pond, just as they have done for generations.


Photo taken from www.southwoldmodelyachtregattas.co.uk