Due to technical difficulties we have unfortunately had to close the pier today!

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Do please still explore our website to plan your next trip to us, and check back here for further updates. We’ll be open again as soon as we can!

The Gulldian


X marks the spot at Southwold Pier

Monday 13th August 2018 | 12.00am

Pirate Trail on Southwold Pier

Avast ye! Come and walk the planks at Southwold Pier this summer and take part in our Pirate Trail for a fine haul of booty.

We need young swashbucklers to come and track down the lost pirates, parrots and other pirate paraphernalia which are hidden across the Pier. Pick up your card from The Beach Café and set sail, keeping a weather eye open for the buccaneers that are hidden aloft and below.

You can work on your own, or together with a matey, but no hornswaggling! Once you’ve filled your card take it to the Treasure Chest where you’ll get your share of the plunder – a fantastic Jolly Roger so you can show your colours whenever you’re sailing the seven seas!