Here at Southwold Pier whilst we have been away, we have been busy preparing for our return and ways in which we can make our guests and teams feel as safe as possible.

We have reviewed all our procedures to ensure the safety of our guests and our teams is at the forefront of everything we do.  We might look a little different, but we are still the same on the inside.

Here are just a few of the measures that we are currently putting in place –

  • Large stocks of safety equipment available for all of our team.
  • Strict cleaning schedules for all areas.
  • Social distancing fully implemented in all areas; we like to wave at everyone for now.
  • Our staff have been trained to prevent the spread of COVID-19 prior to returning to work.
  • Food and drinks served individually and prepared under the strictest regulations.

The team are really looking forward to seeing you return to the Pier soon.

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Get your plaque on the Pier A plaque on the Pier is a perfect memento
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Get your plaque on the Pier A plaque on the Pier is a perfect memento

Celebratory Plaque Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for all purchases of Plaques –

  • The character count includes spaces between words and any punctuation marks, and is strictly limited to the maximum number.  We cannot accept any request that does not adhere to this.
  • There will be a one-off payment of £195, £250, £295, £350, £450 or £495 for a plaque.
  • Curious Pier Ltd have the right to reject a plaque if the wording is of a nature which is unacceptable for public viewing or unacceptable to the standards set by Curious Pier Ltd or the maximum number of lines or characters is breached.
  • Curious Pier Ltd has the right to remove any plaque if it is deemed illegible.  The client will be notified of the costs of a replacement and offered the opportunity to pay for a replacement if they so wish.  If they do not wish to replace it Curious Pier Ltd has the right to offer the space to another member of the public.
  • Flowers cannot be attached to a plaque to commemorate a special day.
  • The Client has the right to polish their plaque at their own risk and with no hindrance to other customers.
  • Curious Pier Ltd is not responsible for cleaning or maintaining plaques at any point.
  • Curious Pier Ltd takes no responsibility for damage caused by harsh weather conditions.
  • No person is permitted to unscrew and replace any plaque at any time.