Pier Closure

Due to Storm Eunice and the weather warnings issued for Suffolk, the Pier will be closed on Friday 18th February.  We will be re-opening on Saturday 19th February as normal.

Thank you.

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Get your plaque on the Pier A plaque on the Pier is a perfect memento
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Get your plaque on the Pier A plaque on the Pier is a perfect memento

Celebratory Plaque Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for all purchases of Plaques –

  • The character count includes spaces between words and any punctuation marks, and is strictly limited to the maximum number.  We cannot accept any request that does not adhere to this.
  • There will be a one-off payment of £195, £250, £295, £350, £450 or £495 for a plaque.
  • Curious Pier Ltd have the right to reject a plaque if the wording is of a nature which is unacceptable for public viewing or unacceptable to the standards set by Curious Pier Ltd or the maximum number of lines or characters is breached.
  • Curious Pier Ltd has the right to remove any plaque if it is deemed illegible.  The client will be notified of the costs of a replacement and offered the opportunity to pay for a replacement if they so wish.  If they do not wish to replace it Curious Pier Ltd has the right to offer the space to another member of the public.
  • Flowers cannot be attached to a plaque to commemorate a special day.
  • The Client has the right to polish their plaque at their own risk and with no hindrance to other customers.
  • Curious Pier Ltd is not responsible for cleaning or maintaining plaques at any point.
  • Curious Pier Ltd takes no responsibility for damage caused by harsh weather conditions.
  • No person is permitted to unscrew and replace any plaque at any time.